How It All Began…

Leeds Deeds started off as a light bulb moment for the manager of Roundhay Web Design. Over the past few years Roundhay Web Design has worked hard to help out people in need, particularly in the area of Leeds. Every Christmas, our lovely boss Simon gets a member of staff to go out and play Santa. Armed with a good budget of cash, one of our colleagues goes to the toy shops and supermarkets to stock up on toys, chocolate and gifts.

roundhay web design cover photo image with a repetitive pattern of their yellow grey and white logo

These are then donated to various charities across Leeds – last year donations were made to Radio Aire`s Cash For Kids campaign and The Salvation Army in Leeds. Both charities were incredibly grateful for the support we gave. For Radio Aire it meant that we helped ensure that all disadvantaged children in Leeds received a gift, when otherwise they would receive nothing which is incredibly sad. Imagine waking up on Christmas Day to nothing? Unfortunately this had been the case for over 20,000 children last Christmas alone.

Easter is another time of goodwill for R.W.D, again a staff member is tasked with playing a famous holiday character; this time it’s the Easter Bunny! Over 200 Easter Eggs were bought which were then evenly distributed between four charities; St Gemma’s Hospice, Homeless Leeds Support Group, Candlelighters and the children’s renal ward at Leeds General Infirmary.

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The donations were incredibly well received and very appreciated by all charities, it was heartwarming for the whole team to read the messages of thanks that we were sent shortly after.

Why We Set Up Leeds Deeds

So, back to how this all began… Whilst helping these fantastic charities (some of which receive absolutely no government funding), Simon Macbeth realised that there was cur

rently no platform for the people of Leeds to easily offer their help to others, nor was there a platform that would let charities and organisations request good deeds from their fellow Loiners (other than their own website/social media etc.)

After this realisation, it suddenly dawned upon us that we, a successful web design company, could easily put our skills and expertise to good use. After all, we do know an awful lot when it comes to designing websites and marketing them, so this should be pretty straight forward with our skill set. The aim is for people to visit our website, have a think about what help/good deeds they could offer, then put it out there so that others can accept your kind offer of help.

Charities and larger organisations are more than welcome to post their needs on here and we will try our best to accommodate them. Becoming a well established, popular and useful platform for the people of Leeds to support each other is our end goal for this project, lets do this!

How You Can Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved, it doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming! Little things that people often over look can make a huge difference to some people.

leeds library a very old building in leeds city centre with a clock tower above it against a blue sunny sky

From taking the time to buy a cuppa for a homeless person on the street, to knitting tiny baby cardigans for the neo natal unit at the Leeds General Infirmary, to offering to donate some of your time to help fund-raise for a charity – the possibilities are endless!

Get Involved Now